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Addicted to Bullet Journal? Us Too! 5 Reasons We Just Can't Stop

mars 29, 2022 3 lire la lecture

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you know that we're obsessed with bullet journals.

And why wouldn't we be? Bullet journaling has all the benefits of traditional journaling (it's a way to express yourself, keep track of your goals, and even work through some mental stuff) plus all the benefits of organisation (you can use it for planning, scheduling, and tracking anything in your life).

Bullet journals are just so much fun! You might have tried other organisational methods, but nothing comes close to a well-designed bujo. We thought we'd share the top 5 reasons why we can't stop bujo-ing:

1. It's easy to start and completely customizable.

Unlike other planners that might enforce an annual schedule or make you commit to a year at a time, the Bullet Journal system lets you turn around your organisation whenever you want. If you want to change your goals, schedules, habits, and priorities with the seasons, go for it! If you want to start over every week—just because—you can do that too. The beauty of Bullet Journaling is that it doesn't demand you do anything a certain way because it's flexible enough to fit into any lifestyle.

2. It's always with you.

Bullet Journaling is the revolutionary system that keeps your ideas in one place, ready to be accessed and organised, no matter where or when you need them. Because it's portable and easy to use (no flipping through pages or searching for templates), your Bullet Journal is always ready when those brilliant ideas come to mind!

3. It gives us a chance to reflect every day.

Journaling gives you the opportunity to sit down and truly reflect on life. It is a time to slow down and focus. You can use your journal as a way to improve your productivity and make better decisions in life. You'll find that it's easier to accomplish goals if you write them out first! Bullet Journaling is also known to provide mental clarity and focus, as well as ease anxiety and stress. It allows for self-reflection and self-awareness. This can help you learn more about yourself, your past experiences, and how these shape your current situation.

4. It’s an excellent way of tracking habits.

Sometimes, when you're frazzled from work or school or family obligations and you're not sure how you'll manage to get everything done, you might forget to take care of yourself. And before you know it, you're left feeling worse than ever.

The good news? It doesn't have to be that way.

Keeping track of your wellness habits in a bullet journal can help you stay on top of your goals and make sure that you're always taking care of yourself—whether that's sticking to a training plan or making sure you're eating enough vegetables. Once you get into the habit of writing things down each day, it's easier to see what you've accomplished, which can be a great motivator.

5. It is a creative outlet.

Bullet Journals are an outlet for creative expression—for the artist in each of us. Your Bujo is a place where you can design your own layouts and experiment with different artistic techniques, like doodling, lettering and calligraphy. There's something more personal, more self-expressive, about designing your own Bullet Journal layouts by hand. They're a way to put our emotions on paper and work through them in a calm, mindful way.

Bullet journaling is a gateway to an abundant life, no matter where you are on your creative journey. By filing away our creative dreams and impulses into one pretty book that we can carry with us everywhere, we get to realise ideas we might never have had the chance to. We get to see different sides of ourselves, and then ultimately share it with the world in new and unexpected ways. The simplest way we've found to describe bullet journaling is this: bullet journaling is what happens when we choose joy instead of fear. It's allowing your creativity to take charge of one central place in your life so that it can guide you towards a more joyful existence.

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