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29 Things You Can Track on Your Bujo

ottobre 15, 2021 4 min read

Bullet journals are extremely popular (and effective!) as daily habit trackers. Bujos are also highly customizable, which means we can use them to track absolutely anything.

Here are 29 ideas of things we can track on our bujo. 

Mental Health

1. Sleep 
Our bodies are all different so you might find the recommended eight hours of sleep too much or too little. Keep a daily record of whether you’re meeting your body’s needs. 

2. Mood
Keeping a mood tracker is extremely important for those with anxiety and other mood disorders. In fact, therapists often recommend this. 

3. Meditation
The simple practice of meditation or prayer is beneficial for the mind, which is why many people strive to make a daily habit of it.  

4. Bible Reading 
Many people use their bullet journals to help deepen their faith. One of the ways they do this is by tracking their daily bible reading and devotion habit. 

Physical Health 

5. Water Consumption

Water intake is one of the most popular things to track in one’s bullet journal. And why not? Getting sufficiently hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body. 

6. Calorie Intake

Fad diet claims aside, the most effective way to control weight is to manage calorie intake. Keeping a record of how much you consume in a day is a promising start!  

7. Food Log

Tracking food intake is not always about losing weight. Maintaining a balanced diet is one of the foundations of overall health.

8. Medication

Remembering if we’ve taken our daily medications, supplements and vitamins can be tricky. Keeping a tracker for this is absolutely essential.

9. Period

Not every woman’s cycle runs like clockwork. In which case, period tracking is pretty important. It has a multitude of uses and is important for reproductive health.     

10. Pain Level

For anyone with a medical condition that causes chronic pain, tracking and monitoring pain levels is a part of effective treatment.  

Body Conditioning


Cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming and cycling are great for the heart. Not everyone is crazy about cardio (we get it!) but doing it at least three times a week will do wonders.

12. Strength Training

Improving your body composition requires both regular cardio and strength training (also called resistance or weight training). Start with really simple ones like planks or squats if you’re a newbie.

13. Stretching

Not everyone has the time to practice yoga; nevertheless, stretching is crucial to preventing injuries and helping the body achieve its full range of motion. Plus, it’s something you can do every day!

14. Steps Walked

Walking is an excellent low-impact exercise...as long as we get enough steps! Ten thousand steps a day is a reasonable target. Use a pedometer or a smartwatch to count your steps and keep a daily record of it on your bujo.

15. Weight

It’s not recommended to weigh ourselves every day, but a weekly weigh-in should suffice. It helps to monitor and record fluctuations if we want to keep track of our weight.  


16. Flossing

Dentists recommend flossing every day. But it can be time-consuming and tedious so we tend to skip it when we’re too tired or in a hurry. Using a tracker will help us be more meticulous about it and really cement the habit. 

17. Skincare

A multi-step skincare routine can be hard to keep up. But good skin doesn’t happen overnight. We need to be using the right products and using them consistently. 

Brain Power 

18. Reading

Reading is one of the most edifying activities we can engage in, and in a world full of distractions, it can be difficult to make time for it. But it’s so worth it!

19. Study

It’s so tempting to skip study time for more entertaining pursuits, but cultivating discipline and good study habits have lifelong benefits.


20. Spending

When trying to save money or when trying to practice mindfulness about our consumption, tracking our spending on our bujo will help.  

21. Savings

It’s great to cut back on spending, but we also need to be more purposeful about saving and building a nest egg. And nothing says “purposeful” like tracking it in your bujo.

22. Bills Payment

Some people need extra help with keeping track of their bills. No shame in that. Our bullet journal is designed to provide that help. 


23. Screen Time

Reducing our screen time can do us a world of wonders! We’ll have more time for better pursuits. Our bujo can help track our progress.

24. Not Hitting the Snooze Button

Hitting the snooze button multiple times is not the best way to begin our mornings, but it’s a tough habit to break. Our bujo is great at helping us track and break habits.

25. Making the Bed

Taking the time to make up our beds in the morning has many benefits, including stress reduction. This is a small habit, but well worth cultivating. 


26. Learning Something New

Learning should be a lifelong process. Be intentional about learning new things and make a habit of it. Use your bujo to help you.

27. Abstinence from a Bad Habit

We all have something we’re trying to quit. Smoking? Sugar? Social Media? Breaking a bad habit takes daily mindfulness and meticulous tracking. 

28. Working on a Side Project or an Extracurricular Activity

It’s easy to let passion projects and extracurriculars fall to the wayside when things get busy, but if it’s important enough for us, we’ll want to make time. 

29. Practice of a New Skill

We lose the skills we don’t use and we can’t get good at something without practice. In his bookOutliers, Malcolm Gladwell posits that we need 10,000 hours to be great at something. Even if we’re not looking to become experts, we can make regular practice a habit!

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments! 

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