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Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for Self Care, Personal Growth, and Mental Health

Mai 24, 2022 3 min lesen.

Sometimes life can be so hectic that we forget to just take a moment to breathe, let alone make time for the activities that help us unwind. The thing with self-care is that it's different for everyone: what one person finds soothing can be stressful for another. So the most important thing is to find what works for you! And if you're already bullet journaling, why not take advantage of your setup to create a few pages that help you focus on self care?

A Day Of Rest:

Self Care Ideas:

Credits: @tabea.journal

Here are a few bullet journal spread ideas to help you get your mindfulness back and keep it that way.

Mood Trackers

This is one of the most popular spreads for tracking self-care. It can be tough to get a handle on how we're feeling at any given moment—but it's important to know what makes us feel good or bad so we can make more informed decisions about how we spend our time and energy. A mood tracker will help you identify patterns in your happiness levels throughout the year so that you can make positive changes in your daily habits.

Credits: @marthasjournal

Habit Trackers

This tracker is designed to help you be more mindful about how you spend your time and what habits you're engaging in. They're a visual way of organising how often you do or don't do something. They help with behaviour change by making it clear whether you're on the right track or not, and whether it's time to give yourself a pat on the back or some extra support.

Credits: @thuys.bujo

Brain Dump Spread

Sometimes you just need to get it all out! It’s a big ol' open space for dumping all of your thoughts onto the page without judgement or restriction. The idea here is just to get it all down on paper so you can see it from a new perspective.

Credits: @_bujolu_

Self Care Bingo

These can be simple things like reading or taking a bath or more complex ones like having an in-depth conversation with a loved one. Then make yourself an optional goal of trying to do as many activities as possible over the course of a week. At the end of the week, you'll see just how many opportunities you've had to take care of yourself.

Credits: @jashiicorrin

Quotes Page

You don't have to make this an entire spread—just jot down a few quotes that speak to your soul. Create a page that's dedicated to inspirational quotes about self-care and goal-setting. Maybe even write down an affirmation or two to help you stay on track with your goals.

Credits: @myrthesbujo

Credits: @blublablu_arts_by_julia

Gratitude Log

One of the best things about bullet journaling is that it encourages you to slow down and take time for yourself—and what better way to do that than by making a gratitude list? This is a great way to reflect on all the things that make life worth living, especially when life gets stressful or overwhelming. You'll be surprised at how much more energized and positive you feel after taking some time out of your day to give thanks for what makes you happy!


A successful bullet journal is all about finding the method that works best for you. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to stick with the same layout from month to month, but it does mean committing to a journal system that you enjoy using.

Take some time to try out new spreads and methods, and maybe even make some changes based on these blog post ideas. The more you practice, the better your systems will become, and the more mindful you'll be about working on what matters most to you.

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