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How Can Bullet Journaling Help With Anxiety?

septiembre 21, 2022 3 lectura mínima

Anxiety is a mental health condition that affects millions of people every year. It's one of the most common mental health disorders, and it can range from mild to severe. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), approximately 19.1% of Americans experience anxiety disorders in any given year. That’s 40 million people living in fear every single day—and that number includes many of your friends, family members, and coworkers.

Here are some signs that you may be suffering from anxiety:
  • Worrying about things that haven't happened yet or might never happen
  • Feeling constantly on edge or stressed out about something small or insignificant
  • Having trouble sleeping because your mind won't stop racing
  • Having trouble concentrating at work or school, or focusing on the task at hand
  • Feeling tense and nervous
  • Experiencing physical symptoms like headaches, stomach aches, or fatigue
And the list goes on..

But what if we tell you that there is a simple way to help manage your anxiety? Bullet journaling might just be the answer.

Let's take a look at how bullet journaling could help with anxiety:

It helps you focus on the present moment instead of worrying about the future or ruminating about the past. By focusing on the present moment, you are less likely to let your mind wander into negative thoughts or worry about what might happen next.

It gives you a sense of control over your life. When you have a pen in hand and paper before you—you have an opportunity to create something beautiful and meaningful for yourself. This act has been shown to reduce stress levels for many people who practice it regularly.

It provides an outlet for self-expression through artistry and creativity. This is especially important for someone suffering from depression or anxiety because they may not feel like they have much else going on in their lives besides those two.

Bullet journals are flexible: You can adapt them to suit your needs, which means there’s no right or wrong way to do them. They’re also free-form enough that you can use them in whatever way works best for you.

Writing things down will help you identify what causes stress for you, so that when you're feeling overwhelmed, you'll know what kind of action to take in order to feel better again. This is especially important if you're suffering from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), which often manifests itself as chronic worry about everything all at once.

The idea behind bullet journaling is that you use different colours and symbols to categorise your thoughts and ideas. You can use it to plan out your day or as a way of keeping track of your goals. The key is that it helps you see what's going on in your life in a very clear way, which can be extremely helpful when you're feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or stress.

Bullet journaling gives you the chance to take control over your own mental health by helping you identify patterns in your behaviour so that you can better understand what triggers your anxiety and how best to deal with it when it comes up again.

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