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Going Vegan? Here's How Your Bujo Can Help

September 07, 2021 4 min read

There’s more to being a vegan than switching to a plant-based diet. At its core, veganism is a philosophy that rejects animal cruelty and exploitation. This philosophy will inform not just what you eat, but also the clothes you wear, the products you use and your entire way of life.

Some people decide to go vegan in one life-defining instant and they never look back. For some, the change will be gradual and not without struggles. They will have to decide on their level of commitment, set the pace for their transition and come up with a strategy that will work for them.

If it sounds like this path is more you and you’re ready and willing to embrace veganism, you’ll need all the help you can get!

But here's some good news if you’re a bullet journaler, your bujo can be very helpful in cultivating a new diet, habit, or indeed a whole new lifestyle! Some people even have a separate bullet planner just to keep track of their vegan lifestyle. (But first, make sure your bujo is vegan! :))

Here are six tips to guarantee a successful shift to a vegan lifestyle — and how you can use your bujo to help you.

Know Your Why

When it comes to going vegan, the most important question is not “how” but “why”. Motivations vary. It’s highly personal and often multi-faceted.

Some do it for their health, some because of their compassion for animals. Others give it a try because of the influence of someone they respect and admire.

Motivations also evolve. What starts as wanting to try new dishes can grow into sincere advocacy for sustainable living.

Whatever it may be, keep your “why” front and center in your journey.

How Your Bujo Can Help

Making a huge lifestyle change involves not only our tummies but our minds as well. We will need encouragement. So fill your bullet planner with inspiring quotations and affirmations. Write down your thoughts, feelings and struggles.

Use different colored pens and highlighters. Do calligraphy or create art. Get fancy! If you only have time for a quick scribble, that’s fine too. There’s power in writing things down.

Keep Track of Your Favorites

Many people agree with veganism in theory, but the thought of giving up one particular thing (usually their favorite food) is suddenly a step too far. It could be butter, milkshake, or cheese — every would-be vegan has their kryptonite.

If you want to pursue a vegan lifestyle, it maymean giving up some of your favorites. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have new ones.

As committed as you are to removing animal-derived products from your life, you should be just as committed to finding vegan products you will love. Don’t make your vegan journey all about deprivation.

How Your Bujo Can Help

Vegan cuisine has come a verylong way. There has never been a more delicious and exciting time in history to go vegan.

Write down your favorite recipes in your bullet journal. Make a list of your favorite vegan restaurants and brands. Having a handy reference will help you avoid compromising your beliefs for the sake of convenience.

Find a Tribe

Living as a vegan can be difficult and even lonely. Having support can mean the difference between carrying on and giving up.

Be proactive about finding or building your vegan tribe, a community that shares your values and convictions.

Their support will give you the all-important validation, a sense of belonging, and practical help. You can swap vegan recipes and product recommendations and encourage each other through tough times.

How Your Bujo Can Help

The bujo community is a huge global community with different niches within it. There’s a vegan bujo community waiting to welcome you with open arms.

You will love connecting with people all over the world who share your values. You’ll find support and form real friendships.

Be Extra Mindful About Your Choices

It’s hard to be mindful about what you put in your body most days, especially when you have a lot of things going on. But when you’re a vegan in a non-vegan world, it’s even harder!

To cultivate mindfulness, keep a log of everything. Listing down the food you eat and the things you buy will help increase your awareness.

Keeping a shopping list will also give you more control. You’ll be less likely to head for the nearest fast food joint or tear into a box of cookies if your cupboards are stocked with great vegan snacks.

How Your Bujo Can Help

Your bujo is great for making lists, as well as in keeping you honest and holding you accountable. Use it as a food log, a shopping log or a just-about-anything log.

Last tip, in your journey to living a kinder existence, don’t forget to extend some kindness to yourself. Live according to your conscience and convictions, but set realistic standards and forgive yourself when you fail to meet them.

There is no such thing as a “perfect vegan” and being flawed does not disqualify you. You can still care about the things you care about.

Are you a vegan or is someone you know a vegan? You can share this article with your friends and network by clicking on the social share buttons below.

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