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Fall-Themed Bullet Journal Spreads

September 08, 2023 3 min read

Ah, autumn! A season of pumpkin-spice everything, warm palettes, and cosy vibes. As the leaves change and the air cools, it's only natural for us to give our bullet journals a makeover that mirrors the captivating charm of the season.

We've handpicked some awe-inspiring spreads to share with you lovely folks! These spreads will not only ignite your creative spark, but also help you embrace nature's most colourful period with open arms.

1. It’s sweater weather season! This autumn-themed spread by @savannahfscribbles ignites elements that remind us of the fall breeze: the rustic warmth of wood, the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and the blissful embrace of a cozy sweater. As the leaves change their colors, we cozy up to the simple pleasures of the season.


2. This enchanting spread by @rarejournals is an irresistible invitation to embrace the beauty of the fall season! The orange hues gracefully mirror the warmth and comfort of a crisp autumn morning. We're captivated by how the stickers, each with its unique shape and size, come together seamlessly to create the perfect autumn-themed bujo masterpiece!


3. Autumn resonates with a charming blend of rustic and vintage elements, and @perceivegrace has beautifully captured this essence in this stunning spread. The subtle yet pronounced rustic and vintage vibes are a testament to the season's timeless charm. And let's not forget the brilliant gratitude space idea – it's the perfect bujo addition for reflecting on the blessings we've cherished throughout the past season.


4. What comes to your mind when you think of Fall? Well, @livingletterplans best depicts the elements of autumn with this cozy spread! Rustic books, pens, and flowers are just some of the details that made this bujo a memorable one! Also, the color palette for this spread screams autumn!


5. With the season changing, it’s also helpful to track our habits to start a new. @tritopus_ gives us this cozy habit tracker spread to easily understand our mood changes this fall. Remember: Not all seasons change, our moods do too.


6. Looking for a cozy looking spread this fall? Check out @thats_her_plan’s stunning bujo spread! With a delightful array of fall leaves and flowers that symbolize the very essence of this season, you'll embark on a creative and elegant journey like no other. And don't miss the calendar illustration – it's your perfect companion for tracking those snug days of the month!


7. @lettersbyamy’s spread presents a rather simple yet elegant take on an autumn-themed bullet journal. The personalized collage is also a great idea to incorporate on your next bujo spread. Seeing things that give you joy may help build a positive perspective while you conquer through the cozy days of autumn.


8. This autumn spread by @gracedwithbooks captivates various traditions during fall. The warmth of donuts, candles and coffee reminds us of why this season makes us want to bundle up all day!


9. There's nothing quite like camping on a crisp autumn day, and @curiouslycandace perfectly captures the allure of this outdoor adventure in their cozy spread. The inviting imagery and warm atmosphere make us yearn to gather 'round a campfire, immersing ourselves in the magic of the season.


10. Looking for a weekly spread idea this autumn? Check out @the_warrior_home’s exquisite take on a fall-themed weekly spread. The element of falling leaves captures the true essence of the season, making us feel giddy to plan our cozy autumn days.


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