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How to Bullet Journal When You Can't Draw

April 26, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

Every person who's ever tried to bullet journal has probably asked themselves "How do I make a bullet journal if I can't draw?"

The answer: You don't.

Bullet journaling has become a huge trend. The beauty of this system is how customizable it is—you can make it exactly what you want, and that's exactly what we love about it.

But you don't have to be a great artist to doodle in your bullet journal. You can be an amazing drafter, or you can be just plain. Either way, these tips will help make your bullet journal beautiful, no matter what your artistic ability.

1. Keep it simple

A major appeal of the bullet journal method is that it's easy—no fancy calligraphy pens or watercolour skills required! Even if all you do is write down the days of the week in block letters, that's just fine. It's all about finding what works for you. Don't feel pressure to emulate any complex designs or layouts that aren't in line with your own sense of style.

2. Use Printables

There are so many good bullet journal printables on the internet these days! You can find everything from monthly calendars to packing lists to cute backgrounds for your spreads. Just find a bunch of things you think look cute together, print them out, cut them out (or use a paper cutter if you have one), and glue them into your bullet journal.

3. Use stickers

Stickers may seem like the obvious choice, but they don't have to be cheesy or childish. Pick out some really cool ones, and be strategic about where they go. For example, try using them to spruce up your monthly calendar or to add colour and organisation to your lists.

4. Get creative with highlighters

Highlighters are great for adding colour without taking up a lot of space or drawing attention away from your writing. Try different colours for different categories, like green for work and yellow for homework assignments. You can also use them in combination with stickers or just use them to add little accents throughout your journal!

5. Use washi tapes

Washi tape is another great way to add colour without having to worry about making it perfect (because let's be real, perfect is overrated). Add texture quickly and easily, especially if you're not into drawing or watercoloring on your pages. You can use them for borders, accents, headers, or whatever else catches your fancy!

6. Use Collages

Another way to decorate your bullet journal without drawing is through collages. Cut out pictures from magazines and glue them onto your pages in a pretty design—or use Washi tape to hang them from different parts of the page and make them look like they're floating. You could even make a mini-collage for each day of the month!

7. Stamps are your friend.

You can find tons of different stamps online and in the craft store, from simple, repetitive designs to intricate drawings to words and phrases. If you have one that really resonates with you, use it as a background for your daily log by stamping it repeatedly over the page. Don't like the way it looks? Just stamp over it with something else! You can even combine designs to create a collage effect.

Remember that bullet journaling is about YOU. The beauty of the bullet journal is that it's yours and it's for you. Even if all you do is write out your list of tasks and notes, then it's a success—and it's just as legitimate as any other person's bullet journal. So don't feel bad about drawing skills (or the lack thereof).

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February 06, 2024

I found this article very informative.

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